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We know what it feels like to be less than inspired or overwhelmed in the kitchen. That’s why we use our 35+ years of experience to provide you with unique and local groceries close by. 



Original Oak Hill

Our Story


In 1984, Amos and Fannie Stoltzfus had just moved to the Finger Lakes region, coming from Lancaster County, PA. In their home area, bulk food stores were plentiful but they noticed that this wasn’t the case in Penn Yan. Amos and Fannie set out to fill this gap and opened the doors of their home to the community. Folks could come and shop in the front room of their farmhouse. They unloaded shipments in their driveway and bagged product out of their kitchen. Many of our customers today remember visiting Oak Hill on the farm and being greeted by a Stoltzfus daughter. Some can even recall the packs of Smarties that Amos generously gave away when delivering groceries. Oak Hill is still benefiting from the bright ideas and hard work of Amos and Fannie Stoltzfus.  


Amos & Fannie build the store on the current property and move everything over from the farmhouse. New products are added as customers ask for them, helping to expand the product line. 

Oak Hill on Route 14A
Small Oak Hill


In 1999, Amos and Fannie sold the business to Phil and LaReta Riehl, their youngest daughter, and her husband. With LaReta’s experience of helping manage the store since she was 12, the store continues to add new products and more people.


In the fall, the store is expanded. Included in this expansion is the addition of the Oak Leaf Cafe & Bakery where Mennonite baked goods and treats are made, including our well known fry pies.

Oak Hill 1st Addition
Drone shot of Oak Hill


Late-summer of 2018, the store was expanded once more! A new bakery area was added, a larger retail space, expanded cafe and Canopy Coffee Roasters is moved in. All this is to help add more space for new products and more space to serve our customers better!

Riehl Family

Riehl Family

Oak Hill Staff

Oak Hill Staff


What We Value


Being friendly and taking good care of our customers is our main priority here at Oak Hill. Our hope is that the same hospitality is shared to the person enjoying the food from here!

Quality Food

Carrying groceries that are made well and yet economical is our heartbeat. Local products made with the same values are another large part of what we do. 


We’ve grown a lot through the years, and we plan to continue doing so. Whether it’s growing our product line, customer service or physical store- it’s something we are commited to for the future. 

Store Interior

New at Oak Hill

We are constantly looking for unique grocery items to add that will help you create more delicious dinners. Take a look at some of our latest offerings!

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