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EZRA’S Family has been producing Feta cheese in the Mediterranean region for more than 100 years. The recipe has been passed from generation to generation. We’re proud to partner with Ezra’s family to bring an authentic Mediterranean Feta cheese produced in the USA to US consumers.

This creamy spreadable all-natural feta is cheese in a sea salt brine. Many people are used to the crumbly style feta, which can be too dry for many people. Our creamy all-natural feta has a much milder flavor, and is spreadable – similar to cream cheese. In fact, you can even use it as an alternative to cream cheese in many recipes. It goes great on a bagel, with eggs, on pasta, or on a salad. We love spreading it on a cracker with some all-natural fruit jam. You can even slice it and make grilled cheese with it!

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Ingredients: Pasteurized skim cow’s milk, butter (cream, salt), non fat dry milk, cultures, enzymes, brine (water, sea salt). Contains: Milk.

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