Stotlzfus Family Dairy Blueberry Yogurt -8oz


Who would have known, this succulent fragile fruit has the highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruit! Containing key vitamins and minerals for your health, which build your immune system and fight infection. Blueberries have also proved themselves great for aiding treatment with heart disease, preserving vision, and healing neurotic disorders. So spoil yourself, it’s good for you!

We produce all natural, high protein, non-homogenized yogurt products. We don’t cut any corners with flavor, our fruit bottom yogurts have real fruit, in a homemade filling; made with no artificial flavoring or preservatives.

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ING: Pasteurized Whole Milk, Pure Cane Sugar, Skim Milk Powder, All Natural Gelatin, Vanilla, Live Yogurt Cultures, Fruit Filling (Blueberries, Water, Modified Food Starch).

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Weight 8 oz


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