Name Size   Price
      4 Color Wasabi Soynuts    lbs. $4.49
      Black Walnuts   lbs. $13.49
      Brazil Nuts   lbs. $10.99
      Buffalo Peanuts   lbs. $3.69
      Butter Toasted Peanuts   lbs. $3.49
      Butter Toffee Almonds   lbs. $8.99
      Cajun In Shell Peanuts   lbs. $2.29
      Carob Coated Peanuts   lbs. $3.59
      Cashew Pieces-Raw   lbs. $8.99
      Chopped Walnuts   lbs. $5.99
      Dry Roast Unsalted Peanuts   lbs. $2.49
      Dry Roasted Granulated Peanuts   lbs. $2.49
      Dry Roasted Salted Peanuts   lbs. $2.99
      Filberts   (Hazelnuts)   lbs. $12.99
      French Roasted Peanuts   lbs. $3.59
      Honey Roasted Nut Mix   lbs. $7.29
      Honey Roasted Peanuts   lbs. $2.99
      Honey Roasted Soybeans   lbs. $2.19
      Honey Toasted Cashews   lbs. $9.99
      HoneySalt Cashews   lbs. $7.99
      Jordan Almonds   lbs. $6.99
      Maple Nut Clusters   lbs. $5.19
      Maple Nut Peanuts   lbs. $4.99
      Milk Choc.  Peanut Gems   lbs. $4.69
      Pecan Halves   lbs. $11.99
      Pecan Meal   lbs. $5.59
      Pecan Pieces   lbs. $11.49
      Pine Nuts   lbs. $35.99
      Pistachios R&S In-Shell   lbs. $7.49
      Pistachios R&S Shelled   lbs. $16.99
      Praline Pecans   lbs. $9.19
      R&S Macadamia Nuts   lbs. $16.99
      R&S Peanuts In Shell   lbs. $2.19
      R&S Spanish Peanuts   lbs. $2.49
      R&S Whole Cashews   lbs. $9.99
      R+ S Deluxe Mixed Nuts   lbs. $9.99
      Raw Almonds   lbs. $6.49
      Raw Blanched Almonds   lbs. $8.99
      Raw Blanched Peanuts   lbs. $2.99
      Raw Spanish Peanuts   lbs. $2.99
      Roasted & Salted Cashew Pieces   lbs. $8.99
      Roasted & Salted Almonds   lbs. $7.49
      Roasted & Salted Peanuts   lbs. $2.99
      Roasted & Salted Mammoth Pecan Halves   lbs. $12.99
      Roasted No Salt Almonds 25/27   lbs. $7.49
      Roasted No Salt Whole Cashews    lbs. $9.99
      Sea Salt & Pepper Peanuts 12 oz. $3.99
      Sliced Almonds   lbs. $7.99
      Slivered Almonds   lbs. $7.99
      Smokehouse Almonds   lbs. $7.59
      Unsalted Mixed Nuts   lbs. $8.99
      Unsalted Roasted Cashew Pieces   lbs. $8.99
      Unsalted Roasted Peanuts   lbs. $2.69
      Unsalted Roasted Peanuts-in shell   lbs. $2.19
      Walnut Halves And Pieces   lbs. $5.99
      Whole Raw Cashews   lbs. $9.99

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    Last update: 04/10/2020