Drink Mixes


      Name Size   Price
      Chai Tea   lbs. $4.19
      Chai Vanilla Spice Decaf   lbs. $4.19
      Chocolate Drink Mix   lbs. $3.59
      Chocolate Mint Capuccinno   lbs. $3.09
      Chocolate Raspberry Cappuccino   lbs. $3.49
      Cinnamon Vanilla Cappuccino   lbs. $3.49
      Creamy Caramel Cappuccino   lbs. $3.49
      Dark Hot Chocolate Mix   lbs. $3.89
      French Vanilla Cappuccino   lbs. $3.49
      French Vanilla Decaf Cappuccino   lbs. $4.49
      French Vanilla Hot Chocolate Mix   lbs. $3.99
      Fruit Punch 8 oz. $1.99
      Green Tea Passion Tea Mix   lbs. $2.39
      Hazelnut Cappuccino   lbs. $3.49
      Hot Chocolate Mix   lbs. $3.99
      Ice Tea Mix   lbs. $2.89
      Iced Java Smoothie Mix   lbs. $4.99
      Lemon Lime 8 oz. $1.99
      Lemonade Mix   lbs. $2.39
      Natural Peach Tea Mix   lbs. $4.19
      Pina Colada Smoothie Mix   lbs. $5.49
      Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino   lbs. $3.49
      Raspberry Smoothie Mix   lbs. $5.49
      Riptide Rush 8 oz. $1.99
      SF French Vanilla Cappuccino   lbs. $4.99
      Spiced Apple Cider 17 oz. $3.99
      Spiced Apple Cider 1 oz. $0.29
      Spiced Apple Cider   lbs. $4.49
      Strawberry Lemonade Mix   lbs. $2.39
      Swiss Mocha "Decaf" Cappuccino   lbs. $4.39
      Swiss Mocha Cappuccino   lbs. $3.49
      Vanilla Milkshake Smoothie   lbs. $5.99
      White Chocolate Cappuccino   lbs. $3.49
      White Hot Chocolate Drink Mix   lbs. $3.99

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    Last update: 03/30/2017