Dried Fruit


      Name Size   Price
      California Conadria Figs   lbs. $4.99
      Calimyrna Figs   lbs. $8.49
      Caramel Apple Chips 2.5 oz. $2.19
      Carob Coated Raisins   lbs. $3.49
      Cinnamon Apple Chips 2.5 oz. $2.19
      Citron Melon   lbs. $3.99
      Crystallized Ginger   lbs. $4.99
      Currants   lbs. $2.99
      Dried Apples   lbs. $6.99
      Dried Apricots   lbs. $5.49
      Dried Blueberries   lbs. $12.49
      Dried Cherries   lbs. $10.99
      Dried Cranberries   lbs. $3.49
      Dried Mango Slices   lbs. $3.29
      Dried Papaya   lbs. $2.89
      Dried Pears   lbs. $8.99
      Dried Pineapples   lbs. $3.49
      Dried Strawberries   lbs. $8.99
      Fancy Pitted Dates   lbs. $3.89
      Floured Chopped Dates   lbs. $2.69
      Goji Berries   lbs. $15.49
      Golden Raisins   lbs. $3.39
      Green Whole Cherries   lbs. $4.49
      Mini Fruit Snack Mix   lbs. $5.49
      Pineapple Wedges   lbs. $4.49
      Pitted Dates   lbs. $3.59
      Prunes   lbs. $5.19
      Raisins-select   lbs. $2.29
      Raspberry Flavored Cranberries   lbs. $4.89
      Sweetened Banana Chips   lbs. $3.69
      Tomato Halves, Sun Dried   lbs. $10.99
      Tropical Fruit Salad   lbs. $7.49
      Unsulphered Dried Apples   lbs. $7.99

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    Last update: 03/30/2017